In Situ (FR, 2011, 87min) is a poetic documentary for the cinema and the Internet about the urban space in Europe seen through very diverse artistic experiences and interventions.

While public spaces are becoming more and more overcrowded, full of noise and anonymity, the film explores alternative poetic and personal imaginings, put in motion through successively monumental, radical, secret and magical experiences, meeting architects, philosophers, dancers, inhabitants, etc. The film tries to question what these in situ experience tell of our times, our urbanity, the way we live in the cities today, and ultimately our freedom.

Cinematic, poetic and subtly interactive, both linear and non-linear, Insitu is a city poem that you can move through and explore, interrogating efforts to breath life back into our cities and shared public spaces. It is a drift into a strange and fantasized city where voices resonate in public spaces, where people dance with mechanical diggers, with the traffic, where composers play with it as with an instrument, where people are bosessed with invisible signs, giants, and much more. Around the film, an exclusive participatory poetic map of the urban space in europe and a blog allow the debate to go beyond the film, new practices of the city to exist online and in the city. It is a new documentary experience for the web (interactvie film), the cinema (linear version for festival, cinema and tv) and the mobile (insitu app). The city resonates...


IDFA 2012 - Doclab Award

London Doc Fest 2012 - Best Film Award

Festival selections

Visions du réel, Sheffield, Input Sidney, Tel Aviv, etc