Providences GATHERS producers, directors and artists from all over the world, joining forces in a very special place in Corsica: a STUDIO at the center of a vast land on the side of a magical and secret mountain.


Above the village of Pieve di Tenda, in the Nebbio region, there is a large abandoned agricultural field that is slowly being put back into production (vegetables, vineyards, chestnuts, olive oil, etc.). At the center of the land, several buildings are being reconstructed in order to become a creation studio.

THE FARM / studio 

In the middle of the land, the ruin of an old farm is being rebuilt into a farm studio that will contain a production office, a room dedicated to post-production, with an editing suite and a sound mix station, post-production facility, a residency space dedicated to young international filmmakers and artists and an immersive experiential laboratory for VR/AR projects.


A tree house has already welcomed writers and artists in residency, to produce films, paintings, scenarios, sometimes directly related to the land.


Every year in July, since 2016, we've been inviting artists, musicians, filmmakers from all over the world to create with us for a week a secret festival. An nameless festival of rituals and surprises lost in nature. It consists first in a  laboratory / open residency that creates cinema and music performances, as in situ rituals, that stage a particular landscape into the wild. 

After a procession from the land, a public closing night of performances and celebration in the village, that includes performances, screenings, concerts, imagined by the guests of the week. There, International and Corsican artists start a conversation with the public and mark the culmination of the festival. 

- A catalogue, published in the year following the festival, unveiling and announcing the programme afterwards, of what has disappeared in the landscapes and in the mountains.


Have created an event during the two first editions: PIERRE-ALAIN GIRAUD, filmmaker, France - VANNINA BERNARD-LEONI, researcher, Corsica - ANTOINE THIRION, film critic and screenwriter, France - VINCENT MOON, filmmaker & dancer, outer worlds - YSE LI, chef, France - SARA RASTEGAR, filmmaker, Iran - SIMONE YANG, filmmaker, Italy - GASPAR CLAUS, cello player, France - NILS BOUAZIZ, distributor, France - DANIEL HUI, filmmaker, Singapour - SARAH WIEN SHIAN, musician, Taïwan - ANTOINE VIVIANI, filmmaker, Corsica - MATI DIOP, filmmaker, Sénégal - FABIEN DANESI, art critic & curator, Corsica - THIERRY DE PERETTI, filmmaker, Corsica - MELISSA EPAMINONDI, artist & architect, Corsica - PIERRE-EDOUARD DUMORA, musician, France - MANON LUTANIE, publisher, France - AURELIE BOIS, illustrator, France - AURELIA MORALI, filmmaker, France - GABRIELA FRIDRIKSDOTTIR, artist, Iceland - LOUISE HEMON & LAURIE LASSALE, filmmakers, France - ANTOINE COULMEAU, builder, France - ALIOCHA, filmmaker, France - DIANA SALICETI, singer, Corsica - GHJUVAN FRANCESCU MATTEI, musician, Corsica - LAWRENCE WILLIAMS, musician, England - MARCEL TURKOWSKI, filmmaker, Germany - LAURE LIMONGI, writer, Corsica - FRANCOIS CHARLES, filmmaker, Corsica - LAURENCE REYMOND, film critic & producer, France - PRISCILLA TELMON, filmmaker, France - RAPHAEL HENARD, musician, France - SAVERIA TOMASI, dancer, Corsica - JEAN-BAPTISTE CHIARONI, cowboy, Corsica - LEA TODOROV, filmmaker, France - JULIEN COLARDELLE - artistic director, France